New Mexico Association of Counties 82nd Annual Conference

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06/20/2018 - 06/22/2018

12:00 am

City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex

2 thoughts on “New Mexico Association of Counties 82nd Annual Conference

  1. Good afternoon. I have a question about this conference and am not sure who to ask. I am wanting to know who I would need to talk to and what permits I would need to get in order to be eligible to cater this event. I am currently licensed in Arizona with my mobile food cart, but I have friends and family that live in Socorro. I run a mobile BBQ business and would like the opportunity to set up at this event if it is at all possible. If you could perhaps point me in the direction of who I would need to speak to I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. My name is Joe Payne, and I can be reached at (520) 678 5406, or via email at I can provide business licenses and Health inspections if necessary as well.

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