Community Development

The Mayor and City Councilors discuss ICIP (Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan) projects on a continual basis at regularly scheduled City Council meetings with time allowed for public review and suggestions during Public Forum.  At every City Council meeting, there is an agenda item entitled Public Forum at which time anyone from the public has the opportunity to present items to be considered for inclusion in the ICIP.  At the August 5, 2019 and August 19, 2019 City Council meetings, an agenda item titled City of Socorro Infrastructure Capital Improvements Plan-Public Input appeared on the agenda.  At these meetings the ICIP and the ICIP process were discussed at length.  The projects have been prioritized by the Mayor and City Council for the purpose of preparing the ICIP and determining the overall priorities for the City.  Projects have been broken down into five categories and have been prioritized by the Governing Body.  The five categories in order of priority are as follows. Click here for City Council approved ICIP document

  1. Health and Safety-A
  2. Utility Infrastructure-B
  3. Street Infrastructure-C
  4. Quality of Life-D
  5. Operations-E

Rankings contain the above abbreviation in order to categorize City projects.

The ICIP process, as designed, call for one entry for Senate districts.  For the record, the City of Socorro is represented by two Senate districts-Senator Clemente Sanchez, Senate District 30 and Senator Gabriel Ramos, Senate District 28.  Representative Gayle Armstrong is the State Representative for our area. It is the goal of the Socorro City Council to complete all projects on the ICIP and as such, will, if funding becomes available, undertake any given project regardless of its ranking.

Projects brought to the City Council by City Staff and which appear on the City’s 2021-2025 ICIP include:

Project TitleExpected Projections
Community Center Remodel
Bullock Ave., Franklin Ave, Park St.
911 Emergency Radio Equipment
Administration and Billing Software Replacement
Sewerline and Treatment Plant Upgrades
Broadband/Fiber Loop
Electricity Substation
Highway 60 Turning Lane Improvements$5,450,000
South Entrance Landscaping
EMRTC Bridge (#9270)
Cuba Road Drainage Improvements Continuation-Drain$3,689,586
Lopezville Road Reconstruction & Drainage
Rodeo/Recreation/Convention Facilities
Animal Shelter Quarantine Building
Municipal Airport Improvements
Police Department Auto Purchase
Fire Department Vehicle & Equipment Purchase
Auto Fuel/CNG Purchases$84,000
Storm Drain System Improvements$443,000
Flood Control Crossing New Construction$1,485,000
Skylark Street/Maxwell Street Area Reconstruction$385,000
Gianera Street Reconstruction$550,000
Grand Total$63,413,803