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The Mayor and City Councilors discuss ICIP (Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan) projects on a continual basis at regularly scheduled City Council meetings with time allowed for public review and suggestions during Public Forum.  At every City Council meeting, there is an agenda item entitled Public Forum at which time anyone from the public has the opportunity to present items to be considered for inclusion in the ICIP.  At the August 21, 2017 City Council meetings, an agenda item titled City of Socorro Infrastructure Capital Improvements Plan-Public Input appeared on the agenda.  At these meetings the ICIP and the ICIP process were discussed at length.  The projects have been prioritized by the Mayor and City Council for the purpose of preparing the ICIP and determining the overall priorities for the City.  Projects have been broken down into five categories and have been prioritized by the Governing Body.  The five categories in order of priority are as follows. Click here for City Council approved ICIP document

1. Health and Safety-A
2. Utility Infrastructure-B
3. Street Infrastructure-C
4. Quality of Life-D
5. Operations-E

Rankings contain the above abbreviation in order to categorize City projects.

The ICIP process, as designed, call for one entry for Senate districts.  For the record, the City of Socorro is represented by two Senate districts-Senator Clemente Sanchez, Senate District 30 and Senator Howie Morales, Senate District 28.  Representative Gayle Armstrong is the State Representative for our area. It is the goal of the Socorro City Council to complete all projects on the ICIP and as such, will, if funding becomes available, undertake any given project regardless of its ranking.

Capital Improvement Goals

1. Complete the renovation of basic utility service infrastructure and drainage throughout the City.
2. Complete paving and repaving all municipal streets within the next 5 years.
3. Provide improved recreation and quality of life facilities for a growing population.
4. Work closely with recreational groups in order to provide the public with the services they identify a community priorities.
5. Upgrade City’s sanitation system and municipal infrastructure it include-

a.  An integrated solid waste system, together with Socorro County and the Village of Magdalena, which will enable the City to provide these services efficiently and economically to our citizens.  The key to an integrated solid waste system is a permitted landfill site which the City received in 2013*.

b. Provide improved streets and other infrastructure in areas of the City that need such improvements in order to upgrade transit, municipal utility services and drainage as well as health and safety.

In 2009, the City acquired the funds to begin architecture and engineering on the following projects, therefore, they will continue to appear on the City’s ICIP for construction purposes until all funds have been received and projects complete-Rodeo and Recreation Facility and Sewer Line Extension and Replacement on Hope Farms Road.  In 2013, the City completed the following projects-Landfill Cell 1 New Construction, Jo Gallegos Road Reconstruction, Construction of 2 Arsenic Treatment Plants and a Municipal Office Remodel.  Additionally, projects which were started in 2013 but were not complete and will continue to be on the ICIP are-Recreation and Rodeo Facility, Highland Pond Construction, Sewer Line Extension and Replacement, General Repaving, Municipal Airport Improvements, North and South Entrance Landscaping and Giles Lane Reconstruction.

*The City’s priority is now to close the previously used landfill in a manner that meets environmental guidelines.

Factors/Trends Considered

Socorro is a growing rural community.  The population is increasing and also aging.  Private enterprise has recently opened a number of service facilities directed towards tourist, interstate travelers and retail.

The City of Socorro has created a Tourism Department who together with the Chamber of Commerce, are promoting Socorro and Socorro County on a State and National basis.  Along with the general population, the student population of the Socorro Consolidated School District and NM Tech are increasing.  The overall effect is increased demand on publicly-provided utilities, infrastructure, recreation and transportation services.  ICIP projects address growth effects with infrastructure renovation and expansion which includes water, wastewater, gas, transportation, streets and drainage.  Recreation and cultural improvements include parks, library, community center, recreation facilities and activities and museum.

Project Summary:

City of Socorro’s top five priorities (ranked in order of priority) for the fiscal year and the 2016-2020 ICIP.

1. General Repaving
2. Highway 60 Improvements (The addition of 1 or 2 lanes entering the City limits.)
3. Workforce Training Facility at Old High School (with Finley Complex Remodel)
4. Rodeo/Recreation Facility
5. Tex/Vermont/B Street Reconstrujction & Drainage/(tie)
6. Landscaping/Beautification of the South i-25 off ramp at exit 147

*Other projects receiving prioritization from the City Council, listed in order of priority, were: the covering of the City swim facility

And furthermore recognize that during calendar 2014, and in conjunction with the City’s 2018-2022 ICIP planning process, the following projects have been completed or are very near completion:

Projects completed include:

1. Refurbished lift station in Hefner Addition.
2. The RV park, animal stalls and practice arena at the rodeo arena have been completed.
3. Fog sealing and striping of airport runways.
4. Installation of water, wastewater and fire hydrants at Cottonwood Valley Charter School.
5. Completed the second MAP project on Fairgrounds Road.
6. Completion of the WWTP phase 1 upgrades (influent pumps, control panel, bar screen).
7. Chip and fog sealing (including striping) of El Camino Real.

Projects which appear on the City’s ICIP  for which the city has acquired partial funding or which are underway and could be complete (in whole or in phases) in 2018 include:

1. Recreation and Rodeo Facility (Rodeo/Soccer) – Expansion of RV Park facilities, continued lighting and landscaping improvements and more covered stalls.
2. Phase V of Cuba Road Drainage Improvements Continuation – The four previous phases have been complete. CDBG application submitted 6/23/2017.
3. Municipal Airport – Additional funding secured for pavement rehabilitation on taxiway A and runway 6-24. Installation of PAPIs on runway 15-33 as well as installation of a new fuel farm.
4. Fairgrounds Road Intersection and Drainage Project along with 2000’ of a new water main with 3 fire hydrants.
5. Opening of cell 1 and intermediate closing of cell 2 at the City Landfill.
6. South 6th Street lift station refurbishing.
7. Complete landscaping design and installation of trees and shrubs for Enterprise and Grefco Roads.

Projects brought to the City Council by City Staff and which appear on the City’s 2019-2022 ICIP include:

Project TitleExpected Projections
Bullock Ave., Franklin Ave., Park St.$500,000
Highway 60 Turning Lane Improvements$5,450,000
Workforce Training Facility/Finley Remodel$4,000,000
Rodeo/Recreation Facility$634,000
Texas/Vermont/B St Reconstruction & Drainage$4,239,586
South Entrance Landscaping$170,000
Indoor Swim Center Facility (Cover Existing Pool)$800,000
Lift Station Improvements$1,275,000
City-wide Planning Grant$100,000
Sewerline Extension and Replacement$2,900,000
Cuba Road Drainage Improvements Continuation-Drain$4,239,586
Electricity Substation$4,500,000
Lopezville Road Reconstruction & Drainage$1,156,000
Natural Gas Transmission Line Addition$281,000
Landfill-New Construction$2,050,000
Municipal Airport Improvements$500,000
Animal Shelter Quarantine Building$170,000
West Newberry Road Reconstruction & Drainage
Police Department Auto Purchase$400,000
Bullock Avenue Reconstruction$400,000
Fire Department Vehicle & Equipment Purchase$1,560,000
Auto Fuel/CNG Purchases$110,000
Speed Bump Addition$50,000
Flood Control Crossing New Construction$1,485,000
Storm Drain System Improvements$655,000
Community Center (Finley) Upgrade$102,000
Youth Center New Construction$605,000
Pinon Street/Juniper Street New Construction$475,000
Skylark Street/Maxwell Street Area Reconstruction$385,000
Giles Lane Reconstruction$255,000
Proto Street Reconstruction$1,000,000
Socorro Heritage Center Remodel$200,000
Recreation Land Acquisition$400,000
Eastwood Estates Road Construction$200,000
Industrial Park Road Paving$300,000
Grand Total$41,988,336
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