Consideration of Sole Source – ICAST

Section 13-1-128 NMSA 1978 (being Laws 1984, Chapter 65, Section 101, as amended)
Subsection E required by NM to post on local public body web site.


Instructions: Briefly describe the items or service requested and list in detail the reason for requesting the Sole Source designation. Include substantiating data such as; companies contacted and the reason for elimination, technical data, etc. Because this is a request to depart from the State mandated procedure for competition, request without support cannot be considered. The City of Socorro Buyer may require additional information and remains the final authority in the determination of a Sole Source acquisition.

Date:    April 10, 2024

Prepared by: Leopoldo (Polo) Pineda

Name:                              ICAST (Internation Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology)
Address:                          74 W 14th Avenue
City, State, Zip:                Denver, CO 80214

Cost:                                $0.00

Term of Contract:           Two Years

Description of Item/Service to Be Procured:
ICAST is a unique organization that offers services that the City has been unable to find and will be hard pressed to find any alternate solution provider to what ICAST provides, which includes:

  1. ICAST is a non-profit solar developer who does not wish to own the solar asset it is helping develop for City of Socorro
  2. ICAST offers a one-stop-shop service that includes site identification, acquisition, engineering, design, planning, financing, installation and commissioning services and workforce training, apprenticeship programs, etc.
  3. ICAST will provide proposal writing services to attract grant funds and incentives that will reduce the project costs for the City.
  4. ICAST is part of the team that is already hired by City through the RFP process to develop its utility plans, i.e., Enchantment Consultants, who is helping the City with the plans for its electric utility; Guzman Energy, who will supply the power to the City utility through the RFP process; and Finley Engineering who is doing the technical analysis for creating the utility. ICAST has been engaged with these partners for months, helping analyze ideal locations, etc. for the City and also at other utilities where they are providing similar services.  Being familiar with the project will save a lot of time and effort for the City, especially because grants and incentives are time bound and the City needs to move quickly on these to maximize funding opportunities.
  5. ICAST is the sponsor and manager of a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), who can help the City monetize the Investment Tax Credits (ITC) from the IRS and help the City access low-cost funds for the project, as needed.
  6. ICAST offers a 100% pay-for-success fee structure so the City does not encumber risk if the project is not successful. And if successful, ICAST costs are part of the project costs when funded and still not a lability to the City.  In fact, when ICAST is successful in attracting grants and incentives for the City, those funds will cover ICAST costs.
  7. ICAST developed the City of Aztec project that is similar to the City of Socorro’s, not only as a solar and storage project, but how Aztec integrated the total upgrade of the entire city distribution system.

Based on the above stated facts, the City of Socorro Purchasing Department has made the determination the justification for the Sole Source procurement is in accordance with §13-1-126 and will be posted for a 30-day period prior to award.

                /s/                                                                                           /s/___________
Leopoldo (Polo) Pineda, City Clerk/CPO                               Ravi Bhasker, Mayor

April 12, 2024                                                       
                April 12, 2024
Date                                                                                       Date


Pursuant to §13-1-126, the 30-day posting period of the Notice of Intent to Award this Sole Source request was met and no objections to award to the above referenced contractor were received. This Sole Source determination will be valid for the term indicated on page one (1) of this form.

Leopoldo (Polo) Pineda, City Clerk/CPO


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