City of Socorro Municipal Electric Utility Information

Tri-State CEO defiant, combative in annual address

Regulatory Uncertainty Drives Ratings Changes from Moody’s & Fitch Ratings

Fitch Downgrades Tri-State Generation & Transmission – Outlook Negative

La Plata Electric Board of Directors Vote to Leave Tri-State G & T

FERC Rejects Tri-State Rates for Failing to Unbundle Ancillary Services

Think Community Energy Can’t Work? Tell that to Kit Carson Electric

United Power’s Quest to Exit Tri-State

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Completes PPA for Amalia II Solar Array

Mountain Parks Electric Gives Tri-State Notice of Withdrawal

2022 Guzman Energy Corporate Report

Tri-State set to lose 25% of its revenue as customers flee

Guzman energy Secures 15-Year Contract Extension with Kit Carson Electric Cooperative

Tri-State, Delta-Montrose cooperative agree to end contract in $62.5 million deal

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative to Hit Goal of 100% Daytime Solar Power with Opening of Taos Mesa Solar Array

RFP 021023 – Preliminary Engineering Design for Electric Utility Substation and Distribution System

Your Coop can too!

City of Socorro’s offer to acquire SEC

City of Socorro’s Notice of Acceptance of SEC’s Rule 1-068 NMRA Offer of Settlement

SEC offer of Settlement

SEC’s decision to reject the City of Socorro’s offer as presented in Mediation

City of Socorro’s Letter to SEC Members

City of Socorro’s Letter to SEC Board of Trustees

City of Socorro – Motion to Dismiss

The Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc. v. City of Socorro – Complaint for Declaratory Judgment, Anticipatory Breach of Agreement and for Permanent Injunctive Relief.

1999 Franchise Agreement- Expired 2004 runs month to month

1972 Franchise Agreement – Expired 1997 ran month to month until 1999 Franchise Agreement

Sparks fly in Jemez Mountains Electric Co-op politics

Delta-Montrose Electric Coop Exits from Tri-State

Guzman Energy

The push for local, renewable energy

La Plata Electric could save money if it left energy supplier (Tri- State)

Colorado Co-op seeks exit from coal-heavy Tri-State to pursue renewables

SEC electric bills about to rise?

RFP 100518 – Long Term Wholesale Power Supply, Scheduling Services and Project Capital Financing

Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc. 2016 Annual Report

Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc. 2017 Annual Report

Continental Divide Electric Cooperative Installs Fiber Optic Lines on utility poles to deliver internet to their members

Tri-State Contract with Socorro Electric Coop

Tri-State Contract Exhibits A-D

Tri-State Rates – Advice Notice 22

Tri-State Rates – Advice Notice 23

Letter to Socorro Electric Cooperative Board Meeting 07/26/2017

Municipal Electric Utility Feasibility Report

06/05/2017 City of Socorro Council Meeting

Watch the Community Input Meeting

Sam Senn, Forsgren Associates, Inc. Presentation

Ed Reyes, Enchantment Energy Consulting, LLC Presentation

Chris Miller, Guzman Energy Presentation

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc.

City of Socorro Municipal Electric Utility Ordinance

New Mexico Statue 3-24-1. Electric Utility: municipality may acquire and operate


RFI 042916 – Wholesale Electric Power Supply Summary
RFI 042916 – Cargill
RFI 042916 – Constellation An Exelon Company
RFI 042916 – Guzman Energy
RFI 042916 – Morgan Stanly Capital Group Inc.
RFI 042916 – PNM
RFI 042916 – Twin Eagle Resource Management
RFI 042916 – Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems

Electricity Local – See how Socorro Electric Cooperative Rates compare to the rest of New Mexico



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